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Zone 1

Prevent Back Tension Products Posture Managers, Foot Rests, Back Rests Ergonomic Benefits Posture Managers encourage ‘active sitting’; sitting with correct posture and sitting squarely on the pelvic bones with your weight evenly distributed. This reduces muscular strain on the back, neck and shoulders to avoid fatigue and discomfort.


Zone 2

Avoid Wrist Pressure Products Wrist Supports, Mouse Pad/ Wrist Support, Keyboard Wrist Support Ergonomic Benefits The innovative patented Health-V™ Channel product range from Fellowes relieves pressure on the median nerve to prevent wrist discomfort and injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Microban® antibacterial protection fights the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the product. Fellowes Wrist Supports conform to your wrist and redistribute painful pressure points to ensure maximum support and soothing comfort – even after hours of working at your computer.



Zone 3

Relieve Neck Strain Products Laptop/Monitor Supports, document holders Ergonomic benefits: Using a laptop/monitor support helps reduce shoulder, neck and eye strain. It positions screens at a more comfortable viewing angle. Each support is fully height adjustable so you can customise your screen position, in turn helping to create a more usable desktop area. Placing documents at on the desktop or at an awkward viewing angle while at your computer can cause eye, neck and shoulder strain. Document holders help minimise this type of discomfort by placing documents in an ergonomically correct viewing position.